Kraken RC is the premium manufacturer of 1/5th Scale remote-controlled vehicles. Kraken RC was founded in the Summer of 2010 in sunny California, the heartland of many renowned RC companies. Our first product was an accessory for the HPI Baja. Soon after, our repertoire grew to support the HPI Baja accessories market. Our passion for design and manufacturing continues, and three years later, in 2013, we released our first True Scale Conversion Kit for the HPI Baja. The "CL1TSK", which is a Scale Class 1 Kit, quickly garnered praises and attention from pundits and RC Hobbyists around the world. Fast forward to 2016, we released our first 1/5th Scale ARTR kit called the VEKTA.5. With its unique rear axle design, the VEKTA.5 propelled Kraken RC to the forefront of the RC Industry and established us as the leader in 1/5th Scale RC manufacturing. Kraken RC is a company that continues to push the boundaries of design, engineering, and manufacturing to bring you new and exciting products. In 2018, Kraken RC expanded it's operations to Taiwan to focus on OEM manufacturing.

Temecula, California. USA.

Taoyuan City 337, Taiwan (R.O.C)

Kraken RC is not open for the public and we do not have a retail storefront. For business relation visits, an appointment is necessary.